Company Profile

Agronomia was founded in 1998 and was listed as a Ltd. company in 2001.
The company provides high quality professional services in the field of agriculture.

Agronomia is a private company and is the largest of its type in Israel.

Agronomia’s customers are companies that specialize in plant protection and pest control, research institutes, technological incubators, Biotech Companies and agricultural unions.


Israel is located on a cross-geographical climatic intersection. This has created an environment where there is an abundance of diversified climates, crops, pests, diseases, soils and water sources in a relatively small area.

Israel has very few natural resources and therefore is forced to specialize in areas such as technology, hi-tech and agriculture. In the past the government capital spending in Israel has focused more and more on the hi-tech industry and less on agriculture.

Agronomia is the link between the agricultural environment and companies that develop new chemicals, technologies and solutions.

Agronomia specializes in application of chemicals and advanced technologies, and provides intensive testing for verifying product effectiveness on plants and soil, and storage of the agricultural goods.

Agronomia uses advanced equipment and technology for accurate measurements, weighing, and conducting various testing and applications. The company cooperates with experts as needed and works with world renowned and certified analytical and biological labs using advanced equipment, including a Phytotron, greenhouses, refrigeration rooms and more.


Agronomia was founded and is managed by Mr. Amos Ovadia. Mr. Ovadia is an Agronomist and entrepreneur, with experience in the field of agriculture since the days of his youth, growing in agricultural surroundings.
As an Agronomist, Mr. Ovadia’s professional experience included various positions, including consulting, research for the cotton board, field Agronomist and as a manager in a company that markets agricultural pesticides.